About Us


Our Mission is...

To Inspire children to have strong morals, values, and principles.  To impress upon them a sense of hope, positive self-esteem, and wellness, to be great leaders and members in the community now and in the future

To Empower minority youth the importance of establishing goals, following through on commitments, as well as having positive morals, values, and principles that support success

To Expose our youth to life's infinite possibilities

To Surround our future generation in a caring and comprehensive learning environment

To Promote how positive eating habits and exercise contributes to success and longevity

Execution Strategy

Health & Wellness Education

UHUNO is commited to providing meals and snacks that support healthy eating.  We will educate the importance of exercise by incorporating it into the program.  

Tutoring/Homework Help

A vital portion of the program is to offer sufficient tutoring and homework aid.  Students are more likely to excel in school, when they understand, complete, and feel confident about their school work.  

Positive Self-Esteem & Awareness

We believe in creating an environment of positive and caring reinforcement, by emphasizing activies in these four areas: 

  1. Social - Acceptance and Friendships
  2. Competence - Skill and Creativity
  3. Character - Effort, Values, and Generosity 
  4. Physical - Appearance (Hygiene and Clothing)

Meet Our Board


Alexis Smith 

Chairman of the Board


Alfred Marshall



Authurine Sherman


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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